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Terms of Service / Rules & Questions about Board Moderation
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The Terms of Service are a set of guidelines written which all members must agree to follow before they complete registration at these forums. If you do not agree with the Terms of Service, please do not register. 

Our moderating team (Community Leader, Administrators, Moderators and Forum Leaders) are all responsible for ensuring that the boards are kept organized, free from trouble and remain an enjoyable place for you to post.  This means that sometimes, we may need to edit your posts if we feel you may have forgotten a rule, or we might need to move a topic into a different forum which may suit it better. 

If you are unsure about where to place a topic, feel free to post it where you feel would be best, we will be happy to move it to a more suitable place if we feel this is necessary. You will not get in trouble for posting a topic in the wrong forum.

Your post may be edited at times if we feel this is necessary. If there is a need to edit your post, the member of staff will give an explanation as to why this was done. They may send you a Private Message if the reason for the edit was very serious. If you are unsure why your post was edited, or would like to discuss the matter, then please contact the member of staff that edited your post. Or alternatively, contact an administrator, or Mist.

Sometimes, we may delete posts if it is a repeat of an offence that you have already been warned about or if it is considered a serious violation of Terms of Service. 

Topics may also be deleted for the same reason.  Usually, we try to close all topics before they are deleted, but if you have been away for a few days, you may have missed this.  Alternatively, your topic may have been merged with another topic that was like it.   

Please be aware that inactive topics may also be pruned (deleted) in order to keep the forums more organized. 

If you do not follows the rules, you may be warned, temp. banned or banned, depending on the saverity of the violation.  In most cases, once you are banned, you will not be unbanned.  Members are usually only ever banned if we feel that they are persistently violating the Terms of Service.  Most members are only banned after we have made every effort to resolve the problem through other means (usually a warning will be sent prior to a member being banned).  In certain cases, a member may be banned without having first been given any previous warnings. 

Sometimes, you may disagree with a member of staff's decisions when it comes to moderating your posts, or issuing out warnings / bannings etc.  Please remain respectful to all members of staff, they are only human and will inevitably make mistakes at times. If you disagree with their decision, you may wish to contact them and explain why you feel that they were mistaken. If you feel that your disagreement cannot be handled by the member of staff concerned, please feel free to contact Mist or an administrator.
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