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Features information on how to use IBcode - a replacement to HTML which can be used to customize the appearance of your posts - including some basic code samples.
Quoting another Member's Post
Information on how to use the 'Quote' feature when quoting from another posts.
Changing the Boards Appearance
How to modify the appearance of the boards.
Emoticons / Smilies
Adding emoticons / smilie code to your posts.
Terms of Service / Rules & Questions about Board Moderation
About our Terms of Service, information about warnings / bannings / temp. bannings, what to do if you see someone breaking the rules, what to do if you disagree with a decision taken against you by a member of staff. Common questions about board moderation.
Changing your Username
Information on how to change your username and the necessary process required to do so.
Linking to images on these forums from other sites
If you'd like to link to any of the images on our forums at another site, please read here first.
Linking to Xenogears: God and Mind Forums
Features images for you to use when linking to us.
Browse our list of archived topics. Popular topics are archived here when they become inactive or very long.
Searching Topics and Posts
How to use the search feature.
Viewing active topics and new posts
How to view all the topics which have a new reply today and the new posts made since your last visit.
Email Notification of new messages
How to get emailed when a new reply is added to a topic.
Your Control Panel (My Controls)
Editing contact information, personal information, avatars, signatures, board settings, languages and style choices.
Your Personal Messenger
How to send personal messages, track them, edit your messenger folders and archive stored messages.
My Assistant
A comprehensive guide to use this handy little feature.
More information on the boards calendar feature.
Member List
Explaining the different ways to sort and search through the list of members.
Registration benefits
How to register and the added benefits of being a registered member.
Cookies and cookie usage
The benefits of using cookies and how to remove cookies set by this board.
Recovering lost or forgotten passwords
How to reset your password if you've forgotten it.
Viewing members profile information
How to view members contact information.
Logging in and out
How to log in and out from the board and how to remain anonymous and not be shown on the active users list.
A guide to the features available when posting on the boards.
Topic Options
A guide to the options avaliable when viewing a topic.
Contacting the moderating team & reporting posts
Where to find a list of the board moderators and administrators.
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